What we do differently

Investor returns can be significantly affected by the structure of the investment. In some cases it is possible for returns to be increased through the use of tax efficient structures.

Armstrong is one of the leading providers of independently sourced energy deals to the EIS and VCT market, and has experience in investment opportunities through:

  • Offshore companies;
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT) vehicles for the reduction of income tax and the deferral of capital gains tax;
  • Business Property Relief (BPR) vehicles for the mitigation of inheritance tax; and
  • Structuring schemes to give investors the benefit of capital allowances.

The benefits of tax structuring accrue directly to investors and are not considered part of the investment return when assessing investment opportunities. Armstrong does not share in any tax benefit that may arise. As such, this tax structuring represents upside accruing solely to investors

Armstrong looks to align its interests with investors by a much larger than normal part of its fees being charged through performance fees. Whilst the overall level of fees to investors may remain the same, in many cases the majority of Armstrong’s fees are subordinated to investors until the investors’ minimum returns are met. In some cases, Armstrong may not charge any fees until the investors’ preference hurdle has been exceeded.

In order to continue to provide our investors with secure access to attractive investment opportunities, Armstrong Energy is actively involved in the development of projects and in sponsoring third party developers. These pipeline development activities include:

  • Sourcing and developing projects originated by our highly experienced team;
  • co-developing projects in partnership with a limited number of trusted project developers; and
  • funding development costs on behalf of our project development partners.

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