How we work

On behalf of third parties, we develop and manage small-scale energy projects, primarily powered by sources of renewable energy.

Our products are highly tailored to try and meet the specific requirements of our investors. In some cases we provide bespoke products for investors. We do not believe in the one solution fits all approach. We provide a more flexible, actively managed, service to fit the specific requirements of the various stakeholders.

Our activities include:

  • launching investment vehicles;
  • launching bespoke investment products designed to meet the specific risk and return appetite of individual investors;
  • managed accounts – we source investment opportunities to meet the risk/return profile on the investors behalf. We negotiate the investment and will look to structure tax efficiently based on the investor’s tax position;
  • asset management – we have a dedicated team of professionals solely focused on the efficient operation of the power generation assets, management of contractors and all financial and legal aspects;

A core philosophy of Armstrong is on developing investments that deliver both a positive economic and social impact. We have been a pioneer in developing business models which include social impact goals.

We look for projects which:

  • use proven technologies;
  • have simple, easy to understand business plans;
  • have predictable, long-term revenue streams;
  • have transparent contract structures;
  • have short development periods; and
  • have lower operating costs, with long-term supply contracts where applicable.

It is typical for energy projects to have been through several parties before the final investment is made by the investor. Each of the parties in this chain typically seek to maximise its financial returns from the project. By contrast, Armstrong looks to maximise returns to investors by minimising the number of parties between the project and the investor.

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